Vivexin: Does Vivexin Work?

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Wendy Adler

Vivexin Review: How Effective Is This Product?

What You Should Know About This Product

Vivexin is a rejuvenating eye skin cream that is offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This product can be used to combat dark circles under the eyes or fine lines and wrinkles that have accumulated through the natural process of aging. The manufacturer’s claims regarding Vivexin have been proven through a 60-day trial study during which 90% of the participants reported noticing a decrease in both dark circles and puffiness under their eyes when regularly applying the cream. Three different specially patented formulas are responsible for delivering the age-defying benefits of Vivexin.

Vivexin can be conveniently purchased through the official product website which offers a secure online purchasing environment. The price of this eye cream varies; a one-month supply of Vivexin can be purchased for $59.95 while a 6-month supply is offered for only $199.95. All purchases of Vivexin eye cream are back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, applicable within 90 days of ordering the product.

Ingredients Contained In The Product

Vivexin eye cream is made from three primary ingredient blends, all of which are specially patented for this anti-aging eye cream. The Haloxyl compound is responsible for minimizing dark circles under the eyes. Haloxyl accomplishes this by penetrating the iron molecules in the blood stream that cause this dark pigmentation to accumulate under the eyes. When Haloxyl makes these iron molecules soluble in the blood stream, the dark circles are decreased in appearance. The second patented compound in Vivexin is Eyeliss, which performs a dual role in this eye cream; Eyeliss both strengthens capillaries and increases the elasticity of the skin under the eyes. Finally, the Matrixyl blend reduces already present eye creases while increasing collagen concentration in the skin in order to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. However, although all of the ingredients in Vivexin are listed by their patent names on the official product website, no indication is given for what each of these compounds is specifically formulated from.

Vivexin – Product Description


Vivexin promotes itself as a premier eye-rejuvenating cream that is capable of targeting several areas of eye-skin issues all at once. Backed by both a satisfaction guarantee and trial studies, this eye cream is strongly supported as a decently functioning eye cream. Vivexin is appropriate for both young and old users alike; whether an individual is suffering from dark circles or wrinkles, Vivexin’s formula is created to combat both problems. Much of the benefits of Vivexin result from this product’s ability to strengthen capillaries; stronger capillaries are claimed to prevent the appearance of dark under-eye circles, as blood is no longer pooled into that area of the skin. User testimonials are cited on the official product website for Vivexin.

Vivexin – Advantages

  • Vivexin is backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • This product can be conveniently purchased through the official product website.
  • Trial studies are cited that verify the claims made about this eye cream.
  • Vivexin can target several problems at once.

Vivexin – Drawbacks

  • Vivexin is an extremely expensive eye-rejuvenating cream.
  • The shipping cost for international deliveries (outside the US and Mexico) is pricy.
  • Even though Vivexin’s patented ingredients are listed on the official product website, no details revealing what chemical compounds actually make up these ingredients is provided.

Vivexin – The Bottom Line

The promises made regarding Vivexin seem fairly reliable. Supported by testimonials, trial studies, and a satisfaction guarantee, this eye cream appears extremely promising. However, the extremely high price tag on Vivexin will most likely make it an unappealing option for some consumers. Additionally, Vivexin does not provide any permanent solution to eye wrinkles or dark circles, as it must be applied on a regular basis. Overall, while Vivexin could appeal to some individuals, more budget-conscious users will probably avoid this product.