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Magic Lash Reviewed: Does Magic Lash Work?

Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review

Kerry Michaels

Magic Lash Review: How Effective Is This Product?

What You Should Know About This Product

Magic Lash is an eyelash enhancer containing natural fibers to encourage lash growth and minimize lash loss caused through brittle, sparse lashes. This revolutionary fiber-based serum can be used on lashes of any condition. The natural fibers in Magic Lash bond to your lashes so they appear longer. Applying false lashes can be time consuming, and if you visit the salon for a new set it can soon become costly. It can be used with any mascara, although the manufacturer recommends that you use theirs. There are before and after pictures showing the impressive results when using Magic Lash.

Ingredients Contained In The Product

Not disclosed.

Magic Lash – Product Description

Magic Lash

Apply a coat of mascara and before the coat dries, remove the Magic Lash wand and apply it to your lashes. The fibers bond to your lashes instantly and make your lashes look fuller and thicker. Do not apply it like you would mascara. Apply another coat of mascara after using Magic Lash. It retails for $17.98 per tube through overallbeauty.com.

Magic Lash – Advantages

  • It has received positive reviews.
  • There are videos showing the lash definition offered by Magic Lash.
  • Shipping is global by Overall Beauty Minerals.
  • It is also sold through third party retailers including Serjame.
  • Magic Lash makes lashes look thicker and fuller in minutes.

Magic Lash – Drawbacks

  • The manufacturer does not provide a money back guarantee.
  • The ingredients are not disclosed.
  • Magic Lash is not suitable for sensitive eyes or extended contact lens users.
  • It may take a few tries before you apply Magic Lash correctly.

Magic Lash – The Bottom Line

Magic Lash is a product manufactured by Overall Beauty Minerals and is a fiber applied to mascara that create thicker, fuller looking lashes in minutes. There is no money back guarantee and the ingredients are not disclosed. Although the videos may appeal, it is important to choose an eyelash-enhancing product that is not secretive about its ingredients.