Stem Cell Therapy : Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

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Question: How will Stem Cell Therapy help diminish my deep wrinkles?

Stem Cell Therapy

Answer: Stem cells are a somewhat controversial subject but they are increasingly being used in anti-aging products such as this cream, Stem Cell Therapy by BioLogic Solutions. As we age, many of the components that help keep our skin youthful looking and wrinkle-free become diminished, which results in sagging, lines and discoloration. While there are many surgical procedures available and injections such as Botox that ‘fill’ and smooth the lines, most people prefer a less invasive method such as a facial skin cream.

This particular product uses a number of key active ingredients that boost collagen production, the substance responsible for plumping the skin, while increasing the uptake of oxygen, essential to all cells in the body. Mitostime is an algae extract that aids in both these functions and has been shown to increase skin collage by up to 80% overtime while Seractin helps smooth the deepest wrinkles. Unfortunately, the ingredients in Stem Cell Therapy are not all listed so it is not known if the formula contains any form of moisturizing oils such as sweet almond or avocado or peptides like Argireline, an ingredient that is often labelled as a natural alternative to Botox.

Stem Cell Therapy is one of the more expensive brands on the market. A more affordable anti-aging cream, if used regularly and combined with a healthy diet and plenty of water, should have the same positive effect on the skin in terms of brightening the complexion and reducing fine lines, although for more major damage, surgery may be the best option.