Oxytokin Reviewed: Get the Facts about Oxytokin

Editor Review: 3 / 5.0 editor's review

Wendy Adler

Oxytokin is an anti-aging facial cream that purports to help several problems including fine lines, wrinkles, and skin condition. The manufacturer provides very little information about the company on the official product website. But, the website does offer some information on the product. They offer customer testimonials and give answers to some questions through the small FAQ section. The website is the only place consumers can purchase the product. The ordering process appears secure. The company recommends using the product twice a day on clean skin. It does not indicate how long the consumer will wait to see results or if they must continue to use the product long term to maintain those results.


The website for Oxytokin does offer consumers a list of ingredients. The main ingredients in the formula are amino acids which help with skin rejuvenation. One of the ingredients is Octapeptide which helps relax facial muscles. Another ingredient is Peption-5 that works to reduce wrinkles over 45%. Argiline also helps relax facial muscles. Oligopeptide works to enhance natural collagen production. Glycerin helps lubricate the skin, while sodium hyaluronate works to draw moisture in. The formula does contain perfumes which may affect some people. The manufacturer provides a 60-day money back guarantee as well as a customer service number. However, there is very little other contact information.

One positive for Oxytokin is the ingredients it contains. The ingredients are effective in many products and have clinical studies behind them. The company provides customer testimonials and basic contact information. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee. They offer a simple ordering process as well.

The negatives for Oxytokin are problematic however. The company that manufactures it is an unknown. There is limited information available about it. They provide no clinical study information on the product itself to back up the claims. The brief FAQ section does not address many common questions. And the bottom line is that this product is quite expensive when compared to others in the same category.