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Cheryl Kramer

O’tentika Product Overview

O’tentika is a skin cream line made with the natural ingredients to lighten the skin’s complexion in ethnic women. It claims to bring out brighter skin and even skin tone. O’tentika comes in an array of soap, body milk, creams and lotions that are to be used together for maximum benefit. O’tentika is manufactured by FloClaire. The company does not cite any clinical studies, but does purport that its products will lighten and brighten skin with twice-daily use.

O’tentika is available for purchase on its website. There is no apparent money-back guarantee. The O’tentika company’s phone number and email address are available for customers with questions or concerns. There are customer testimonials on the O’tentika website for some of the products, but not for all of them.

O’tentika The Product Details


O’tentika is a skin cream made natural ingredients, all of which are listed on the website. No bleach or harsh chemicals like benzene 1 are used in the products. The website does not state exactly how long it will take for the products to begin working. O’tentika creams and cleansers should be used twice a day, every day for maximum effectiveness. It is suggested that the user’s entire beauty regimen should come from O’tentika products to get the best results. The cream is formulated to significantly lighten areas of pigmentation, reveal brightness and even overall skin tone in ethnic complexions.

O’tentika products claim to reduce and remove age, liver, and sun spots, freckles, blemishes, scars, discolorations from acne, eczema, dryness and pregnancy. However, there are no clinical trials to support these claims. There are no known adverse side effects. O’tentika comes in an array of different formulas to be used together for maximum effectiveness.

O’tentika promises to help those with discolored skin, pregnancy or medication side effects, uneven skin and sun damage. There are some customer testimonials about O’tentika products which are positive.

Strengths Of O’tentika

  • O’tentika contains natural ingredients.
  • Website includes contact information, via phone and email.
  • O’tentika does not have any known side effects.
  • Products do not contain the harsh chemical benzene 1.
  • There are customer reviews of some of the O’tentika products.

Weaknesses Of O’tentika

  • O’tentika does not offer any free samples.
  • There is no money-back guarantee.
  • There are no clinical trials about O’tentika.
  • Website has no FAQs section about the products.
  • O’tentika must be used indefinitely to keep pigmentation from returning.
  • Website suggests using the entire line of O’tentika products to get maximum effectiveness.

O’tentika The Bottom Line

O’tentika products have been around for 20+ years, so clearly, they have stood the test of time. However, for a company with a long history, it is disappointing that there is no money back guarantee.

The products are less expensive than other brands, but in order to have the best results, the website suggests using O’tentika products for everything from cleansing to exfoliating, and then to follow up with O’tentika lightening creams. So in the end, the costs add up.
O’tentika says it will lighten and even skin tone, but there is no scientific support of these claims. Therefore, users must take a leap of faith in the product, considering there is no guarantee that the product will work.