Nue Science: Does Nue Science Work?

Editor Review: 3 / 5.0 editor's review

Wendy Adler

Nue Science– Overview

Nue Science is a brand of anti-aging treatments that consists of a 3-step program. It is sold over the internet, and the product is presented on an official website that is very informative, contains a video presentation plus details about the product developer. The main purpose of the Nue Science range is to encourage cell renewal in the skin and fight damaging free radicals. The manufacturer recommends that the 3 products are used for a total of 90 days in order to see full results, although it would probably be recommended to continue using the system even beyond this time to maintain results.

Consumers can try Nue Science for a 14-day free trial after which time, if they do not cancel they will continue to be sent the products at a cost of $98.16 per month. There is an additional 30-day money back guarantee and full details are provided in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section on the site. It does not appear that Nue Science is available in retail stores.

Nue Science– Product Description

Nue Science

The three products in the Nue Science range are a Firming Toner, Age Repair Serum and Moisturizer. Together they help reverse current signs of aging in the skin while helping to protect against future damage. Ingredients used in the products have all been dermatologist tested and should be safe to use on most skin types. Some of the key ingredients include Matrixyl 3000, a popular collagen boosting substance, Hyaluronic Acid, to retain moisture in the skin, anti-oxidant Goji Berry, and Co-enzyme Q-10, to aid in cell renewal. It is advised that the products are used together for optimal results and in tests consumers reported a reduction in wrinkle density by up to 68% although apart from customer testimonials and ‘before and after’ photos, there is no clinical proof shown.

Nue Science– Advantage

  • Full application instructions are provided
  • Nue Science has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • A risk free trial is offered
  • Key ingredients are explained

Nue Science– Drawbacks

  • Nue Science is expensive
  • The products are only available online
  • The system would not produce ‘injections-like’ results

Nue Science-The Bottom Line

Nue Science seems to be a range of products that certainly contain good age-fighting ingredients although, because the amounts are not shown, it is not known how potent the formulas would be. Even though the total cost of the system is an expensive monthly cost, the fact that this is for all three products does make Nue Science comparable to other popular anti-aging treatments. However, it should be noted that no consumer should use Nue Science with the expectation of it having the same effects as injections or cosmetic surgery.