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Cheryl Kramer

Metathione Product Overview

Metathione is a supplement made with the active ingredient Glutathione. It claims to smooth out and brighten uneven skin. Metathione capsules should be taken two to four times a day with vitamin C for the best results. Depending on the color of the skin, the capsules will need to be taken for longer periods of time.

Metathione is available for purchase online, though there is no website dedicated to the product. There are many other Glutathione-based supplements on the market.Metathione is not easy to find online. A customer would need to search for any customer reviews or clinical trials as there isn’t one website about this product.

Metathione The Product Details


Metathione is a skin whitening supplement made with Glutathione. It should begin showing results in just two weeks.Metathione supplements should be used two to four times a day with vitamin C, every day for maximum effectiveness. The supplement isformulated to significantly lighten areas of pigmentation, reveal brightness and even overall skin tone.

Metathione supplements will show results in just two weeks. There are no known adverse side effects. Those with darker skin will need to take Metathione for a longer period of time in order to maintain the new color of the skin. Very dark skin will require 24 months of supplements in order to find success with this product.

Metathione promises to help those with dark spots and damaged skin. There are no clinical trials of Metathione. Since there is no website dedicated to the product, customer reviews must be searched for online.

Strengths Of Metathione

  • Metathione contains Glutathione, a known skin-whitening agent.
  • Website includes contact information, via phone and email.
  • Metathione does not have any known side effects.

Weaknesses Of Metathione

  • Metathionedoes not have its own website.
  • There are no clinical trials about Metathione.
  • Metathione is not easy to find on the internet.

Metathione The Bottom Line

Metathione supplements are promising, however, without a company website, customers will be hard-pressed to find information about the product. Plus, without customer testimonials, many people will not want to purchase this product. However, no harsh chemicals are used in these supplements. There are no known side effects, which is another positive thing about them. Searching online, the capsules are quite expensive considering customers with darker skin tone will need to use the products for 24 months.