Luminyze Info

Manufactuer: Urban Health

Luminyze an instant and gradual skin brightener. Two simple clinical blind studies, with half face application of a cream containing 4% LUMISPHERE™ and a placebo on the other side, on Asian female volunteers of mean age 45 for 56 gave visible and immediate results, a long lasting physiological effect on skin lightening.

After just ten minutes application of LUMISPHERE™, we can notice an even complexion with less visible spots. Luminosity and skin appearance, lines, pores and blemishes are improved and the yellow or red skin colour is brighter.

Moreover, daily use of LUMISPHERE™ results in a significant, progressive and durable reduction of the quantity of melanin in the skin leading to a clearer skin by 16% for 96% of the volunteers after just 56 days.

Tests with LUMISPHERE™, visually show that the pores are less apparent, and lines are optically erased

Retail Price: $97.95

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