Lift Serum Pro: Does Lift Serum Pro Work?

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Wendy Adler

Lift Serum Pro Review: How Effective Is This Product?

What You Should Know About This Product

Lift Serum Pro is promoted as an “instant” wrinkle reducer that offers clinically proven benefits. This cream is endorsed by several customer testimonials that are featured on the official Lift Serum Pro website. Lift Serum Pro is suggested as an affordable and less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery. This facial cream offers multiple benefits, including added moisture, reduced pore size, and less noticeable fine wrinkle lines. Lift Serum Pro can be purchased through the official product website where a 14-day free trial offer is featured. After this initial two week period, individuals can either choose to return the cream (and thus cancel their purchase of the product) or simply do nothing be charged just shy of $85 for the first month’s supply. Ordering Lift Serum Pro enrolls individuals in an autoshipping/billing program where a new supply is sent every month; this program can be cancelled through contacting the manufacturer’s customer service.

Ingredients Contained In The Product

Lift Serum Pro’s official product website does not provide any ingredient information for this skin cream. Therefore, from the information provided on the website, it is impossible to determine any potential risk of allergies while using this product for individuals with sensitive skin.

Lift Serum Pro – Product Description

Lift Serum Pro

Lift Serum Pro is described as a wrinkle-reducing solution that targets wrinkles at the source of the problem by strengthening and rejuvenating skin cells in the sub-cutis level. Lift Serum Pro has been tested in clinical studies, the results of which are promoted on the official product website. These results claim that all individuals noticed an improvement in the coloration of sunspots and in moisture retention. At the same time, 80% reported noticeable improvements in the appearance of fine lines, and 75% said that their skin felt more firm and toned after using this facial cream. The site also reports that Lift Serum Pro has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 45% in just one month. However, elsewhere on the site claims that best results are typically achieved after using Lift Serum Pro for three months. Customer testimonials are featured on the Lift Serum Pro website.

Lift Serum Pro – Advantages

  • A free trial offer is available for this facial cream.
  • This cream has been clinically proven to offer wrinkle reducing benefits.
  • There are customer testimonials for Lift Serum Pro.

Lift Serum Pro – Drawbacks

  • No full list of ingredients could be located for this cream.
  • The recommended three months of use is far longer than the 14 day trial period; therefore it would be difficult to determine if this product actually works during the time of the free trial.
  • Purchasing Lift Serum Pro enrolls customers in an auto shipping/billing program.
  • This is a relatively expensive anti-wrinkle cream.

Lift Serum Pro – The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the cons certainly seem to outweigh the pros for this anti-wrinkle cream. While there is a free trial offer for Lift Serum Pro, this trial period appears to be too short to determine if this cream really produces the claimed benefits or not. Additionally, with no full list of ingredients provided, it is difficult to determine the likelihood of this cream really living up to its claims.