Lashovee Reviewed: Does Lashovee Work?

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Kerry Michaels

Lashovee Review: How Effective Is This Product?

What You Should Know About This Product

Lashovee is an intensive eyelash lengthener brought to you by Lora Vay. This product is designed to enhance the look and health of your lashes, and even brows, in weeks. In clinical studies, Lashovee increased the length and thickness of lashes by 82 percent. The before and after picture showing the impressive results is likely to sway your decision to try this product, and the manufacturer offers it for 60-days risk free. 100 percent of women experienced longer and fuller lashes, while the average 56 percentage proved Lashovee improved lash length and thickness, and the health of lashes improved whilst lash loss reduced.

Ingredients Contained In The Product

Aqua (Deionized Water), Glycerin, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-8, Cyclomethicone, Bis-Vinyl Dimethicone Copolymer, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Biotin (Vitamin B7), dl-Panthenol, Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Extract, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12), Allantoin, Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6), Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Steareth-20, Dipeptide-2, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Polysorbate-20, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin-A), Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf (White Tea) Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Lashovee – Product Description

Although there is a full list of ingredients, there is no further information about how they work in synchrony to build fuller lashes. Lashovee is not a mascara or eye make up, it is a serum designed to promote longer and healthier lashes with minimal breakage. It can also be used on the brows to build beautiful arches. Similar to liquid eyeliner, apply Lashovee to the skin of the eyelid at night. One bottle retails through for $99.99.

Lashovee – Advantages

  • Lashovee is compared to other eyelash enhancing products.
  • There is thorough clinical research provided.
  • It can also be used safely on the brow area.
  • The before and after pictures show the effects of using Lashovee.
  • 60-day risk free money back guarantee.
  • This product can be delivered worldwide.
  • Full contact details are supplied.
  • Lashovee does not contain ingredients tested on or derived from animals.
  • Full instructions are provided on the package.
  • Results are visible in as little as 2-weeks.
  • Contains a non-irritating formula.
  • Receive a free bottle of Lashovee if you purchase two bottles.

Lashovee – Drawbacks

  • It is not recommended for use if you have glaucoma.
  • Lashovee is expensive.

Lashovee – The Bottom Line

Lashovee is an impressive product since it has gone through thorough clinical research, and the manufacturer Lora Vay is so confident that you will love this product she offers a 60-day risk free money back guarantee. If you buy two bottles, she will also give you a complimentary bottle. It would be useful to know about how the ingredients work on the lashes and brows.