KSA Magic Cream

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Cheryl Kramer

KSA Magic Cream Product Overview

Glowcal Manufacturing Corp in the Philippines manufactures KSA Magic Cream, which contains a potent skin lightening formula that works on very darkened skin pigments. The official website discusses the different types of pigment including chloasma or melasma, which appears as brown blotchy spots covering the cheeks, temples, or forehead. Pregnancy or hormonal changes can trigger these changes in the skin, but the contraceptive pill may also cause skin pigmentation problems. Liver spots occur in people who have not protected their skin during sun exposure. There are several before and after pictures.

Ingredients Contained In This Product

Retinoic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Mulberry Extract, Glutathione, Vitamin B3, Giga White, Ginseng Root Extract, Vitamins A, C and E, Lactic Acid, Allantoin and Panthenol and Glycerin.

KSA Magic Cream The Product Details

KSA Magic Cream

Retinoic Acid causes the skin to peel ridding dark skin pigments and revealing fresh skin beneath. Alpha Arbutin, Bearberry Extract and Mulberry Extract inhibit the release of tyrosinese, which actives melanin production. Glutathione is a potent detoxifier, while Giga White can lighten age spots and other pigments. Glycerin is a natural emollient and smoothes the epidermis, and Vitamins are essential to the health of the skin. The website provides thorough instructions on how to use each KSA Magic Cream, of which the product range also includes a soap and scrub. The cream should only be placed on the discolored areas of the skin and stop use after 4 to 7 days as the top layers of the skin will begin to peel. As new layers of the skin gradually surface, it is important to protect the skin by wearing a minimum SFP30 sunscreen. KSA Magic Cream is available to purchase from ksamagichawaii.com for $45.00 per jar.

Strengths Of KSA Magic Cream

  • All of the ingredients and instructions for use are detailed on the website.
  • Is a very potent skin lightener and should only be used for 4 to 7 days.
  • It does not contain the skin-bleaching agent Benzene 1.
  • There are before and after pictures on the main website.
  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • Useful for very dark skins.
  • Secure payment is offered through PayPal.
  • There are details on the manufacturing produces shown in a video.

Weaknesses Of KSA Magic Cream

  • There is no scientific research published on KSA Magic Cream.
  • The manufacturer recommends using other products for best effects.
  • It is an expensive product line.
  • If you use KSA Magic Cream for longer than the required period, it may cause skin irritation.
  • There is no money back guarantee.

KSA Magic Cream The Bottom Line

The website is easy to navigate and there is useful information on each product including KSA Magic Cream. The ingredients are listed fully with details of how each item replenishes the skin, but there is no money back guarantee or free trial offered.