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Wendy Adler

Eyeliss Review: How effective is this product?

Eyeliss is not a brand of skin care, but a patented ingredient that is used in a number of anti-aging eye creams. There is a lot of information regarding Eyeliss on the internet, particularly on skin care websites and those of retailers carrying the product. Eyeliss is manufactured by the Sederma company and costs an average of $7.00 depending on the individual retailer.

Because Eyeliss is a patented ingredient it has been clinically tested. In studies, 70% of users showed a vast improvement in less than 2 months, including a reduction in under eye puffiness, bags, fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients contained in the product

Water, Glycerin, Hesperidin, Methyl chalcone, Steareth-20, Dipeptide-2 and Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7

Product Features


Eyeliss consists of three types of peptide – Hesperidin, a natural substance found in citrus fruits that helps strengthen under eye capillaries, Lipopeptide, a substance that reduces inflammation around the eye area and improves the elasticity of the skin and Dipeptide, which improves lymphatic drainage resulting in less puffiness and water retention.

Ideally, Eyeliss should be added to a formula at a level of 3% and consumers should check the product label for each individual amount.


  • Eyeliss has proved successful in clinical tests
  • Eyeliss is patented
  • The substance is used in many skin creams
  • There is a lot of information about the substance online
  • Eyeliss is inexpensive
  • Before and after photos are available


  • It is not always used at its optimum level
  • It is not contained in all skin care products
  • It may not be suitable for all skin types


Eyeliss would be a good addition to any under eye skin cream and consumers should definitely ensure that it is contained in any prospective eye cream purchases. Used on a regular basis, consumers will experience some improvement of their skin, although it would not be an alternative to actual cosmetic surgery procedures.