Dermalift Reviewed: Get the Facts about Dermalift

Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review

Wendy Adler

Finding details out about Dermalift is a bit difficult. There appears to be no official product website. The product appears on various review sites. Those sites have links to the purchasing site, but the links are broken. That makes it difficult to gather information about the product and to make a full assessment of its claims and credibility. What information consumers can garner from the various review sites state the product will reduce aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It will also even out skin tone while also brightening the overall color.


The review sites offer a few ingredients that the advertising says the Dermalift formula contains. These include avocado oil, soy protein, melon, and coconut. The avocado oil comes with essential fatty acids naturally that help moisturize the skin from the outside in. The soy protein helps enhance elasticity and brighten the complexion while giving the skin the ability to repair old damage. Outside of that short list of ingredients, there is not much else known about the contents. There are no instructions provided for application. There is no price information available.

What positives are there for Dermalift? The advertising says there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The ingredients found appear to have some properties that will help fight aging. Those ingredients are all natural as well.

The negatives overshadow those few positives however. There is no official website for Dermalift. The few links found for purchase are all broken. That leaves the consumer with no real way to evaluate this product. While the various sites offer a few of the ingredients in the formula, a complete list is a mystery. There are no customer testimonials, clinical studies, or before and after photos. Those are critical for making an informed decision about the product. In fact, the name of the manufacturer is unknown. Without basic information on pricing, ingredients, and affectivity, there is no way anyone could recommend this product.