Dermalash Reviewed: Get the Facts about Dermalash

Editor Review: 3 / 5.0 editor's review

Kerry Michaels

Dermalash sits among the many eyelash conditioners or stimulator products on the market today. This product focuses on stimulating new lash growth to provide the consumer with darker fuller lashes over time with continual use. It comes from a respected beauty manufacturer, Dermaquest. This company has a decent reputation for quality products in the anti-aging market. The company’s website offer information on all their various products as well as a list of active ingredients that appear in many of those products. But, there is no specific list for this particular product. In fact, there is little specific information available on this product on the Dermaquest site.


The Dermaquest site does not provide a list of ingredients for Dermalash. The site claims the product will grow new lashes and keep existing ones from breaking. However, there are no clinical studies, consumer testimonials, or other information to back that claim up. While the website offers consumer testimonials from users of their products, there are no specific ones for this particular product. The website does not show how the product helps prevent lash breakage or how it stimulates new growth. The website provides many marketing details, but very few details that would interest a consumer looking for information.

The biggest advantage that Dermalash brings to the table is the reputation of its manufacturer. Dermaquest has decades of experience n the beauty industry and a well-deserved reputation for fine products. The product appears to apply easily and will work for many consumers who don’t want to deal with fussy application processes.

But, the advantages that Dermalash has do not stand up to the major disadvantages. There is no way for a consumer to make an educated decision about the product. The manufacturer provides no specific information on the product’s ingredients. There are no clinical trials or independent studies to verify the claims. There are no before and after photos with which to judge the effects. While the company reputation says a lot, the fact that they do not provide such basic information is also telling.