Dermafreeze365 Reviewed: Get the Facts about Dermafreeze365

Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review

Wendy Adler

Dermafreeze365 is a fast-acting anti-aging product that helps alleviate the signs of aging by putting a temporary freeze on facial muscles. The manufacturer of the product is Woodridge Labs and the main online retailer is Jocott Brands. The manufacturer does not maintain an official site for the product, but the retailer does provide some details concerning the ingredients and other factors. This products falls into the category of a quick-fix face-lift product that does give results within minutes. However, the effects are only temporary. The manufacturer does claim the product provides long-term benefits with continual use. A typical jar contains 1.33 oz. and costs $29.99.


The ingredients in Dermafreeze365 are a bit of a mystery. The retail website calls it a proprietary blend with the name of GABA-Biox. The website also provides clinical results of its use. They claim it reduces fine lines and wrinkles up to 90% within a ten-minute window. It works by relaxing facial muscles and softening the lines of the face. The website does not provide any instructions for how to apply it or how often you need to use it for best results. It does say that a consumer can apply it under moisturizer and make-up.

The positive facts about Dermafreeze365 start with the clinical testing. The product stood up to clinical testing and showed positive results. It works very quickly and can provide a quick face-lift effect for a special event or other notable occasion. The price makes it affordable for many budgets. The manufacturer believes enough in the proprietary blend to seek a patent for it. The retail website provides a FAQ section. It appears to work well for short periods. However, there is no evidence of the long-term benefits the manufacturer claims.

On the other hand, Dermafreeze365 has a few negatives as well. The manufacturer does not provide a full listing of ingredients used in the product. Because there is no official product website, the amount of information is somewhat limited. And it appears the manufacturer does not provide a money-back guarantee on the product.