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Cheryl Kramer

Cosmelan Product Overview

Cosmelan is a line of skincare products that will help remove marks from blemishes, pigmentation and dark spots.The first application of Cosmelan must be applied by a dermatologist, however, other parts of the process can be done at home. The website for Cosmelan does have reviews, but no clinical trials are mentioned. Cosmelan purports to be recommended by dermatologists, and will show significant results in justone to four weeks.

Cosmelan is not available for purchase on its website. It is unclear how someone is supposed to purchase the products, but since the first application is done at a doctor’s office, it is likely this is a prescription-only product. The website says the cost for a Cosmelan package is about $600 to $800. The Cosmelan website has a contact page for customers with questions or concerns. There are no actual customer testimonials on the Cosmelan website, but there are general reviews of the products.

Cosmelan The Product Details


Cosmelanis a procedure used to remove the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation and blemishes. The website claims the product will begin to work in one to four weeks. Cosmelan is originally applied by a dermatologist and then more of the product is used at home. The cream isformulated to significantly lighten areas of pigmentation, reveal brightness and even overall skin tone. However, the website does say it is only a temporary solution.

Cosmelan cream will show results in just one to four weeks.The website says the process is endorsed by doctors. But it should be noted that an active ingredient is Titanium Dioxide and it is a cancer-causing agent.At the dermatologist, the Cosmelan mask will be applied and need to be worn for 4 to 8 hours. The user can wash it off at home.Cosmelan will take longer to work with darker skin or someone with significant blemishes.

Cosmelanpromises to help those with pigmentation problems in as little as one week. There are some general reviews on the Cosmelan website, however, there are no specific reviews from patients who have gone through the Cosmelan process.

Strengths Of Cosmelan

  • Cosmelanis a pain-less procedure.
  • Cosmelan is endorsed by doctors.
  • Claims to work in as little as one week.

Weaknesses Of Cosmelan

  • Cosmelan must be applied by a doctor.
  • There are no customer testimonials about Cosmelan.
  • Procedure is expensive.
  • Cosmelancontains a cancer-causing ingredient.
  • Cosmelan can cause skin irritation.
  • Cosmelan is only a temporary solution.

Cosmelan The Bottom Line

Cosmelan is an expensive procedure that will cost as much as $800. The beginning of the process must be performed by a doctor, but after that, a customer can use Cosmelan products at home. Darker skin pigmentation and more severely blemished skin will take a longer time to repair. Plus, most users would be weary of the fact that the product line contains Titanium Dioxide, a known cancer-causing agent. There is really not enough information on the Cosmelan website, and it would be wise to discuss the pros and cons of this skin-lightening system with a physician before proceeding.