Bio Claire

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Cheryl Kramer

Bio Claire Product Overview

Bio Claire is a line of skin products that claim to lighten skin tone. Bio Claire comes in creams, soaps, serums and lotions, all to help lighten and brighten the skin. It is sold on a variety of online websites, however, Bio Claire does not have its own company website. Therefore, it is difficult to find any clinical trials that support the claims of this company. Bio Claire purports to stimulate the lightening process in a natural way using the products three times a day. Bio Claire does not use the harsh, controversial lightening chemical, benzene 1.

Bio Claire does not have its own website. However, some of the websites where the product can be purchased may offer a money-back guarantee. Searching online, a customer can find tons of reviews, both positive and negative about Bio Claire products. There are many online forums addressing these products.

Bio Claire The Product Details

Bio Claire

Bio Claire is a skin cream line made with “Nautral Bio-Vegetal activator.” It does not contain benzene 1, but it does have parabens. It is advised to use Bio Claire products three times a day at first, and then twice a day once results are seen. The cream is formulated to significantly lighten areas of pigmentation, reveal brightness and even overall skin tone.

Bio Claire products are much cheaper than most of the skin lightening products on the market. However, there is little information that supports any of the claims made by Bio Claire. Many online reviewers had negative things to say about these products. Bio Claire comes a few different formulas including Lightening Body Cream, Lightening Body Oil, Lightening Soap, Maxi Tone Lightening and Lightening Body Jar.

Bio Claire promises to help those who want to naturally lighten skin. Customers can find lists of ingredients in all Bio Claire products on the website

Strengths Of Bio Claire

  • Bio Claire does not use the harsh lightening chemical benzene 1.
  • Bio Claire is much more affordable than most lightening products on the market.
  • Reviews of Bio Claire can be found all over the internet.

Weaknesses Of Bio Claire

  • Bio Claire does not have its own company website.
  • Contains parabens.
  • There are no clinical studies supporting the claims of Bio Claire.
  • Bio Claire must be used indefinitely to keep pigmentation from returning.

Bio Claire The Bottom Line

Bio Claire claims to use natural products to lighten and brighten skin, however reading the ingredient list, this is far from the truth. While no benzene 1 is used, parabens are found in Bio Claire products. Also, the list of ingredients is long, and there are not very many natural ingredients to be found at all.

Bio Claire products are definitely much more affordable than all the other lightening products on the market. However, there is no research supporting the claims of the products. Plus, negative reviews about these products are all over the internet.