Besoplex Reviewed: Get the Facts about Besoplex

Editor Review: 3 / 5.0 editor's review

Cheryl Kramer

Urban Nutrition markets the Besoplex lip enhancer. This product supposedly creates fuller softer lips that rival those a consumer might see after cosmetic lip surgery. The company provides consumer testimonials on how the product works but does not include before and after photos for visual evidence. The website also does not show any clinical trials to back up the claims made. The website does provide a good FAQ section with sections on the product itself as well as answers to questions about shipping and ordering. The website does provide full information on the company and its contact information. A single tube, to last one month, costs $49.99 on the company’s website.


Besoplex lists some ingredients on the website. One of the main ingredients is methyl nicotinate that helps improve lip volume by increasing blood flow to the area. Another ingredient is hyaluronic acid which hydrates the lips and helps retain moisture. The product also contains collagen to plump the lips and make them look fuller. The website does not provide a list of other active or inert ingredients however. The manufacturer claims the product works in the short term to give the lips a fuller look quickly while also enhancing the overall appearance if used regularly over a longer period.

Why should you consider Besoplex? The website offers consumer testimonials and details the main active ingredients for the product. The company provides detailed answers to common questions in the FAQ section. They also provide a 30-day money back guarantee. The website offers secure shopping and will give a discount if the consumer orders multiple items in a single order.

You need to use caution when considering Besoplex. When compared to other similar products, this one is on the expensive side. The website also does not provide photographic evidence of the effects nor does it show any clinical studies. The website does not provide a comprehensive list of all ingredients and you cannot purchase it at other retail outlets. The active ingredients in the product may also cause temporary discomfort for some consumers in the form of tingling and stinging right after application on the lips.