Ambi Fade Cream

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Cheryl Kramer

Ambi Fade Cream Product Overview

Ambi is a trusted skincare brand designed by SureSource LLC and is useful for men and women who are seeking a cream to reduce age spots, dark spots, freckles, and sunspots. There are two blends available, one for normal skin and one for oily skin. Ambi Fade Cream contains similar products designed to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and even the complexion, and results can be seen in approximately two weeks. When you have achieved your natural skin tone, discontinue use of Ambi Fade Cream, but it is important to use an SPF when using this product.

Ingredients Contained In This Product

Vitamin E, Hydroquinon (2%), Octinoxate (2%) and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).

Ambi Fade Cream The Product Details

Ambi Fade Cream

Ambi Fade Cream contains a triple action formula comprising AHAs, vitamin E, the sunscreen Octinoxate and Benzene 1, a skin bleaching aid recommended by dermatologists. However, there are negative reactions to this skin-bleaching agent and it must only be used over the short term. The Octinoxate sunscreen protects the skin against sun damage, but it is also recommended to use an additional sunscreen for best effects and to prevent skin discoloration. It retails on the official website for $6.49 per tube. It is also available to buy from third party retailers, often at a discounted price.

Strengths Of Ambi Fade Cream

  • The website is professional.
  • Claims to lighten the skin in two weeks.
  • Affordable and available from third party retailers.
  • There is also a blend available for oily skins.
  • The manufacturer does recommend that Ambi Fade Cream be discontinued after you have achieved your ideal skin tone.

Weaknesses Of Ambi Fade Cream

  • The ingredient Benzene 1 may cause skin irritation in some individuals.
  • The full list of ingredients is not listed.
  • Information on Ambi Fade Cream is limited.
  • There is no clinical research published.
  • Ambi Fade Cream The Bottom Line

Ambi Fade Cream The Bottom Line

The only major downfall of Ambi Fade Cream is its use of the harmful skin lightening ingredient, Benzene 1, which is known to produce unpleasant skin irritations and may even permanently damage the skin. If you choose to try this skincare product, as it is available at a reasonable price, try it on a small area of the skin beforehand.